Friday 11 January 2013

Intro to a ruleset

17th Cent Wargames Rules
Steve Jones
The Warre Game is my attempt to produce some big battle wargame rules for the Mid 17th Century.
I have had a lifelong interest in wars of this this century, particularly the English Civil wars and the Thirty Years War on the European Continent.
The basic rules mechanics are now pretty much complete. My aim is to add further bits to enable a difference for the earlier period, larger Tercios, the last of the western lancers, Gustavus's adventure into Poland-Lithuania etc. Also then the later period straying over into the 'Restoration', post The Peace of Westphalia, Turkenkriege, The Sun King, 9 Years War, Tangiers 1680, Great Northern War etc. anything before Pikes were eventually discarded for the bayonet, but most particularly the War od Duke Cosimo's Perucke!

This picture and the following ones are taken at Reveille Wargames show, Hosted by those good 'ol boys at Lincombe Barn in Bristol. It shows some Imperial dragoons taking up post within the walls of Lutzen in 1632. All part of a partial reconstruction of the Battle of Lutzen. The table wasn't big enuff for the whole thing :-( so I concentrated on the Swedish Left wing attacks in the early afternoon.
Maybe the new show in cooperation with the IPMS this August in Bristol will allow the whole battle to be portrayed.

The rules borrow from many sources to create the 'game engine'. The aim is to allow large games with 28mm figures to be played over a 4 - 5 hour period.

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