Friday 21 November 2014

The War of Duke Cosimo's Perucke part IV

The British Expeditionary Force had won a famous victory at the river pushing theSpaniards back towards their Headquarters at Arroyo Rocho
The Earl of Oxford had been reinforced from England by a detachment the Kings own Horse Guards and the Royal Dragoons lately the Tangiers Horse...
Both armies welcomed new Generals..
For the Spanish - Brigadier General Roberto Dela Collina Ventosa with his faithful hounds Ferdinand and Isabella.
He sported a fantastic wig as if to taunt the British...
De Vere was forced to accept the return of Brigadier Percy Kirke lately returned from Tangiers and with a fearsome reputation for ruthlessness.
Although the Battalions from Tangiers were renamed Queens' they were loyal to  Lt. Gen. Kirke who called them his 'Lambs'
Kirke was accordingly given command of the advance guard and set about his task with relish!
On the right Flank the 'New Horse' were brigaded under the command of the newly promoted Louis de Duras now 2nd Earl of Feversham. 
The Battle opened with swirling cavalry melee involving the infamous Lanceros Rosas and a newly arrived regiment of German Kurassiers a gift from the Infante's Uncle the Holy Roman Emperor.
Los Coraceros Alemans
Facing off against the Horse Guards
The Germans 'did great execution amongst our new troopers'
In the foreground the lancers battle fiercely with the Kings Dragoons 
Despite inflicting serious injury on their opponents both Spamish regiments were forced to give ground with the Kurassiers being cut to ribbons 
On the left Flank The advance guard made good ground and pressed the Spanish back beyond the stream line
Action at the river
Spanish guns putting up stff resistance
Dumbarton's Storm across
Tumbonas regiment fled into the river!
The furious advance of Kirke's Lambs and Dumbarton's Foot drove the Spanish back, the tributary of the river proving no real obstacle to their ardour.
Tumbonas de Playa driven back in confusion into the water where many poor souls drowned in the confusion!

De Vere pronounced himself satisfied with the day's events although the two new regiments of Horse had virtually ceased to exist as a fighting force they had stood against the Iberian onslaught 'like a wall'. Although Lord Feversham 
was at pains to point out their 
Gallantry, serious questions will need answering about his handling of the Horse.

Meanwhile Percy Kirke seemed to have well lined pockets later that evening despite playing at Faro and Basset through the night. Rumours of deals concerning Spanish powder may of course have no substance....

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