Wednesday 10 June 2015

New sculpted terrain for Lutzen 1632 Part 1

After a great day at Salute 2015
What really struck me was the quality of the terrain on most of the games.

Feeling put to shame I've started sculpting terrain for the Warre Game 1632 Battle of Lutzen

It's based on a series of Celotex boards 
8 boards 4 x 2 feet and a central road section of 4 boards each 4 x 1 feet 
The imperial windmill hill is slightly raised and covers a 5 x 2 foot area

This is the Swedish side of the battlefield showing the Flossgraben viewed from the Swedish extreme right wing

A view from the Swedish left flank with the Flossgraben flowing to the position which the town will occupy

This is a closeup of the ploughed fields
Achieved with cheap brown mastic, sand and my wife's broad toothed comb!

The full battlefield laid out in sections 
The road has carved ditches and lies centrally
The Imperial side remains untouched as yet. Total area 16 x 5 feet

Judicious use of household paint and drybrushing gets the Swedish deployment and roads ready for flocking and detailing. 

Flock and an industrial flagon of PVA

Dusting the flock through a sieve gives you better control and even coverage
After shaking off the residue for re-use 
Allow to dry and then follow up with a liberal spray of diluted PVA to seal the flock (I used an empty and washed screen de-iced bottle)

Waving some areas clear to show the nicely dry rushed earth below

It's all beginning to come together

Judicious use of teddy bear fur sprayed with army painter green denotes the windmill hill position in the centre of the imperial position

Seen from the Swedish left the road and Flossgraben really stand out

Next it will on to making the imperial ditch and bank hastily thrown up along the front of the road and then putting water in the Flossgraben.

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