Monday 2 February 2015


I've been a long time player of the original X-COM and some of its derivatives... and latterly of course ENEMY UNKNOWN and ENEMY WITHIN

This blog post will chart my efforts to recreate the game for tabletop miniatures Wargaming.
It's purely a fanboy thing and will use some of the iconography from the brilliant EA games computer game. 
It's entirely unofficial and is in no way intended as a challenge to existing patents copyrights or trademarks.


A great thing about XCOM is the variety of appearances your troops can take. Choosing armour style, colour and headgear. This is a boon to those of us unable to commission our own models as many commercial models look pretty appropriate. 
For the first campaign games I use GW Elysian Droptroopers and have rung some changes with colour schemes..
Alien representation is more problematic needing new sculpts or conversions 
Here is my take on a floater ...

Meanwhile my favourite option for the XCOM Skyranger is the GW Valkyrie

I intend to build my own interpretation of the Skyranger in due course, but for now, as the ship plays very little role in the games (and could even be dispensed with -more later) the Valkyrie will serve.

Next Time - First Contact OPERATION HIDDEN HAND

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