Wednesday 4 February 2015

XCOM - First Contact - Operation Hidden Hand



Operation Hidden Hand
"The German Government has asked for our help. Unidentified forces have attacked the old quarter of Leipzig and panic has ensued - Our mission is to secure the area...."
The Drop ship has arrived.
"I want a good clean dispersal this time..."
The squad dash to use cars as cover..
One squaddie has enough time to enter Overwatch..
Wait.... What is that? ...
Dashing to investigate the smoking structures, what has happened to these poor Devils?
With the rest of the squad holding in Overwatch the too anxious advance to the truck triggers...
Alien life on Earth?! ...
The aliens scuttle into cover adopting Hunker Down
Our intepid Squad lets loose a hail of fire
(We come in peace - shoot to kill!)
One alien wounded and another killed in the deadly crossfire.......................... the third alien summons help
Then strange rays pass from a new alien to the wounded One
Seemingly strengthened it fires a deadly blast dropping the squaddie behind the truck...he's bleeding out!
A new alien steps forward and wounds the squaddie sheltering behind the trike
Throwing caution to the wind the troopers rush forward to shoot at close range..... the use of a grenade kills one alien and seriously wounds two more

Alien shooting drops one trooper who is bleeding out whilst the second is disintegrated at short range!
At last fortune favours the squaddies
Dropping two more aliens in one turn, but ammo is running low!
The aliens back off and take cover but to no avail. A great long range shot drops one alien...
The last Trooper rushes forward to finish the last Alien only to find his magazine is empty!!
Flinging his grenade destroys the final Alien! in the nick of time.
The Alien threat has been eliminated
Six Aliens dead and One trooper killed, but two more critically wounded 
the dropship arrives to gather what's left of the squad.
The First Contact had been Bloody, and tactics will need to be revised in future, The remaining troopers have gained vital experience and will be promoted accordingly ...

NEXT TIME - OPERATION DISMAL GODS where new challenges await the XCOM Soldiers

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