Saturday 28 June 2014

The Battle of Lutzen (open day)

The Battle of Lutzen

Staged at the 50th Anniversary Open Day 

of the

Mid Somerset Wargames Club

Using the WARRE GAME RULES developed specifically for this Project
The Battle was fought out at Wells - Seager Hall
The Foote an Guns in the centre open hostilities
Meanwhile the Swedish right wing Horse under Gustavus engage in a protracted melee with the Imperial Horse
Centre left of Wallenstein's army
The Windmill hill Battery exchanging fire with the Swedes - note the imperial commanded Shot holding the road
General corm of the centre conflict 
On the Swedish left Flank Duke Bernhardt pressed attacks against Lutzen itself
The high water mark of the Swedish assault

The centre attacks grind to a halt

Imperial centre right and Lutzen
More attacks on the town
The Swedish centre is repulsed!

Players battled all day at the Seager Hall.
  The battle ended in stalemate with the Imperial army holding their original positions.


  1. Do you happen to have the oob of the battle?

  2. Hi Andy
    I used (primarily) the list from Brzynski's campaign book Luetzen
    Do you have that?, if not I will scan you a copy. Having looked at a few including Guthrie there is some debate about the actual units on the Imperial side.