Sunday 15 June 2014

The Battle of Honigfelde

This Sunday Kev Del and I staged a brisk little action from Gustavus Adolfus's war against the Poles in 1629 

Having over stretched his advance Gustavus failed to prevent the union of Polish troops and their Imperial allies under Von Arnim.
The Polish commander Koniecpolski scouted towards the Swedes with Hussars and Pancerni, closely followed by Arnim's Cuirassiers

Not to be intimidated Gustavus drew up the rearguard on a low ridge
And soon battle was joined 
Despite some early successes the Poles continued to press the beleaguered Swedes
Leaving the command to the Rhinegrave Gustavus set of to recall Von Pauli's cavalry to help out...
But then the Imperial Cuirassiers joined the fray and tipped the balance back in favour of the Poles
Meanwhile the Swedish baggage crept ever closer to the safety of the bridge.
The vanguard crossed the river en masse but behind them the rampant poles divided the remaining Swedish units and defeated them in detail

Then Gustavus himself was almost cut off and captured only escaping by swimming the river!
Nevertheless the outcome was a relief for the swedes who escaped with their baggage and artillery but at the expense of the entire rearguard and the capture of the Rhinegrave. 

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