Wednesday 25 June 2014

The War of Duke Cosimo's Perucke - II - The Battle of Cresta Larga

The War of Duke Cosimo's Perucke


The Battle del Cresta Larga

Following their success in establishing a beach-head at Granja Gancho, the English tentatively followed the Spanish inland, however the advance guard were caught napping at Cresta Larga by a resurgent Spanish force.
This brisk little action saw three regiments of British Foote opposed by the whole Spanish Infantry reinforced with two batteries of guns.
  Dumbarton's II battalion invested the Piggery defending it all day against persistent artillery attack

 The Foot Guards held the Ridge despite setbacks until the final act...

 Ably supported by the Queen's II battalion

 They held on against superior numbers until dusk..

 Vollies were exchanged until the muskets were almost too hot to handle!
 Eventually the Brigadier had his horse shot from under him

 Close quarters..

 Firepower ruled the day

 The Spanish commander interrogating a prisoner

Eventually numbers told and the Guards and Queen's Regiments fled the field! Soon followed by Dumbarton's who were able to withdraw under cover of darkness. 

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