Sunday 29 June 2014

The Napoleonic WARRE Game (test)

Last thursday at the club John Busby and I tested out the WARRE Game in a napoleonic battle to see if the rule mechanisms would work.
Quite remarkably we found they worked pretty well. Above we see my French right-wing cavalry brigade deployed with supporting horse Artillery.
So the things we felt that needed changing were, faster firing artillery so now actually take one phase to reload.
Here we see Johns infantry centre deploying in battalion columns of attack.
Infantry now may not use the Salvee as per the 17th century.
We have also decided to bring in some different formation possibilities for infantry (column,line skirmishers etc) and are still discussing whether this might be desirable for cavalry.
Here is a shot of John's Light Dragoons who performed outstandingly well that evening. (Damn their eyes!)
The other main change was the provision of Commanding Brigadiers who look after their own brigade (only) This means that their troops are often in command range. We played an alternating brigade command type of game. With dicing for initiative at every turns end.
French heavy cavalry on my left flank.
We are both looking forward to reprising the action with a properly amended set of the WARRE Game rules soon. 
We will write up the results of our playtesting in future blog entries.

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